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Jim Walser Three R's TutoringSpecializing in reading instruction for elementary school children.

Reading is the fundamental skill upon which all formal education is based. It is estimated that 85 to 90 percent of students who are poor readers, including many classified as learning disabled, could increase their reading skills to average level with intensive, early instruction that includes: phonics, listening skills, language development, vocabulary, storytelling and writing, exploration of children’s literature, and activities that inspire love of reading.

Jim is married and has three children. They are all excellent students, including one with a learning disability that affects his reading and writing. Thanks to hard work on his part, excellent elementary teachers, special education enrollment through junior high, and Jim's tutoring, he is a straight "A" student in college.

Like Aldo Leopold, noted ecologist and author of A Sand County Almanac, two things interest Jim: his relationship with the earth, and his relationship with other people. In addition, he loves reading and telling stories professionally, and is interested in helping young children living in or near Downers Grove, Illinois,
read to succeed, as well as to love reading.

For more information on Three R's Tutoring, contact Jim Walser by phone at 630-968-3209 or by email at

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